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About Us:

The Gordon Cook Foundation was set up in 1974 by Robert Charles Victor Cook (1897-1990) in memory of his mother, Victoria Gordon.

Victor Cook:

  • Victor Cook died in his ninety-third year on 15th March 1990.  He was born in the autumn of 1897 to a family associated with a successful engineering company in Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland.  From an early age he wished to be a teacher, but the premature death of his father put an end to this ambition as it fell to him to carry on in the family business.  He never married and in due course sold his interest in the firm and devoted the remainder of his life to promoting the cause of his intellectual child, values education.

  • In 1974 he established an educational charity, The Gordon Cook Foundation, bearing the name of a brother who predeceased him.  This creation has survived its founder’s own death and continues the task of promoting values education.


Since 1974 the Gordon Cook Foundation has sponsored more than 240 projects in Values Education and other associated disciplines.


The Foundation has no affiliation of any kind with any religious, political or social society or movement.

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees drawn from all branches of education and business.  There are currently six Trustees, who meet quarterly to consider the Foundation’s business.  Between meetings, a Lead Trustee, nominated by the Foundation to support an approved project and its managers, represents the Foundation and acts on its behalf.

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