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The Foundation is an Aberdeen-based charity established in 1974 to promote and develop Values Education in the British education systems. Values Education includes social and moral education, health education and projects likely to promote character development and citizenship.

The Foundation is dedicated to the advancement and promotion of all aspects of education and training which are likely to promote "character development" and "citizenship".  In recent years, the Foundation has adopted the term Values and Citizenship Education to denote the wide range of activity it seeks to support.  


This includes:

  • The promotion of good citizenship in its widest terms, including aspects of moral, ethical and aesthetic education, youth work, cooperation between home and school, and coordinating work in school with leisure-time pursuits.

  • The promotion of health education as it relates to Values Education.

  • Supporting relevant aspects of moral and religious education.

  • Helping parents, teachers and others to enhance the personal development of pupils and young people.

  • Supporting developments in school curriculum subjects that relate to Values Education.

  • Helping pupils and young people to develop commitment to the value of work, industry and enterprise generally.

  • Disseminating the significant results of relevant research and development.

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